0) Foundations [An Indefinite Inheritance]

September 23rd, 2018

Hello and welcome to episode 0 of An Indefinite Inheritance, a very special campaign of Dungeon World GM'd by ed and set in the distant past of Alfallen. Allow Yubi, Kitty, and Gary to introduce you to their weird, wild, and wonderful characters as we get our foundations laid out and discuss classes, moves, and set-up.

This episode is our session 0 and details the nature of this side campaign, important character and world lore, and how little we understand the rules. While it does not include any playing of Dungeon World, we recommend listening to it to better understand the Dungeon World system and what the hell we're doing with it. (Also there's one bit where we accidentally imply that genitals = gender, which we don't believe at all! Apologies for the non-clarification in the episode!)

See also: A lot of blanks, ed's constantly scrolling mouse, please try not to fuck up the canon, Dungeon World as therapy, who invented 420, lumpy like a Ken doll, this is a very serious podcast, sausage lore, and kill counts.

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