2) Intruder or Visitor [An Indefinite Inheritance]

October 14th, 2018

Join us once more on our wild romp through wilder times on our beloved Alfallen! After dealing with Halbane's sudden assailant, our three adventurers enter the town of Midlen. With mostly friendly residents and mystery at its heart, what is "Sustain", and who is its keeper? War is on the horizon and Ludicrous, Sigrun, and Halbane must delve deeper to uncover the truth here...

See also: Sorry armadillos, lovely tents, what fuels the flames of your desire?, do a violence, voice troubles, renfaire ryanair, pain noise, and the taint.


22) Provoke

October 2nd, 2018

As two glowing eyes watch our merry "heroes" in the darkness tough decisions are made, tougher questions asked, and suspicions rise - all without the slightest hint of any subtlety. Confronted with missing items and increasingly cranky "adults", several are pushed to their limits as Nerium, Natalia, Taro, and Findex try to find rest within the Archocrypt. But when tempers flare and parenting goes awry, things go downhill very, very quickly...

See also: sock him one, new bone who dis, take a whiff, rats, it's not number 4, rage sleeping, constitution saving throws, rimbo, and NOOOOOO!


All EDited Out Vol III

September 25th, 2018

Like a ghoulish specter clambering from its musty tomb deep inside Yubi's laptop, we once more present a titillating and thrilling episode of goofs, jokes, and general tom-foolery for your entertainment. All EDited Out Vol III is here to kick ass, take names, and show just how ridiculous we are before the magic of editing saves our souls. Enjoy.


1) A Stormy Start [An Indefinite Inheritance]

September 23rd, 2018

Join our three new friends as they start their journey as all good journeys should start: in a cave. But when a mysterious figure gives them a magic map and tells them to stop an oncoming war, Halbane, Sigrun, and Ludicrous must work together to defy danger, spout lore, and create new bonds along the way. The future is bright, indefinite, and full of adventure!

See also: Re-re-re-retcon, is the bear a lie, not out of your cage, bad day for the Bulge, say my name, the bird, The Mortal Path B Side, I'm gonna munch, can I ask you a really weird question, and you're doing WHAT?


0) Foundations [An Indefinite Inheritance]

September 23rd, 2018

Hello and welcome to episode 0 of An Indefinite Inheritance, a very special campaign of Dungeon World GM'd by ed and set in the distant past of Alfallen. Allow Yubi, Kitty, and Gary to introduce you to their weird, wild, and wonderful characters as we get our foundations laid out and discuss classes, moves, and set-up.

This episode is our session 0 and details the nature of this side campaign, important character and world lore, and how little we understand the rules. While it does not include any playing of Dungeon World, we recommend listening to it to better understand the Dungeon World system and what the hell we're doing with it. (Also there's one bit where we accidentally imply that genitals = gender, which we don't believe at all! Apologies for the non-clarification in the episode!)

See also: A lot of blanks, ed's constantly scrolling mouse, please try not to fuck up the canon, Dungeon World as therapy, who invented 420, lumpy like a Ken doll, this is a very serious podcast, sausage lore, and kill counts.


21) Hunger Awakens

September 19th, 2018

Join our band of merry "heroes" as they navigate the strange Learning Chambers, and the effects of a certain magical item, with newly rescued Kaishu clinging to their sides. But as Taro, Natalia, Nerium, and Findex head back up towards the Archocrypt and Taeshul, something seems off about the kid, and when the group beds down for the night, things take a strange and unsettling turn...

See also: A light chuck, we failed the water puzzle, big magic energy, clanking up the rear, the hard stuff, healing denial kink, and missing meat.

(Make sure you check out the intermission section for a really exciting update!)


20) The Beating Heart

August 29th, 2018

Join our plucky "heroes" as they dash, dodge, and plummet through the Learning Chambers towards the centre, and home! But life is never as easy as you hope it's going to be, and disappointment mixes with confusion when Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex discover what, or who, has been waiting in the Heart of the Learning Chambers...

See also: 10 made-up names, round-house clocked, this is very goth, a raw 20, Nero, good news and bad news, how not to talk to kids, and just the bits.


19) Into The Darkness

August 14th, 2018

Time is of the essence as our quartet of adventurers have their brains pushed to the limit trying to solve an insidious and deadly puzzle deep in the gloom of the Fallen City. With fortune and some smart thinking on their side, Taro, Nerium, Findex, and Natalia push deeper towards the Heart of the Learning Chambers. Finding themselves at mercy of the strange magic our brave "heroes" discover new aspects to their fellow companions, and contemplate who, or what, is moving the pieces behind the screen...

See also: wet nips, squelch, does my mage hand have a soul?, milk, blink, and revelations.

(Also, Yubi forgot to put a middle bit in this episode. Oops! They'd like to remind you of the Tumblr giveaway [www.themortalpath.tumblr.com] and the Twitter giveaway [simply tweet your favourite line from the show before Aug 31st 2018 with the hashtags #TheMortalPath and #TMPFanDice]. They'd also like to give, as always, a huge thank you to the incredibly talented Rachel Graff for her music [www.rachelgraff.com] and to Orion for his work on the transcripts available on our site [www.themortalpath.com]. A huge thank you also to our affiliate DnDiceUK [www.dndice.co.uk] where you can get 5% off with our code MORTALDICE and flat shipping rates worldwide, and of course to all the amazing listeners of our show who helped us achieve over 10,000 downloads in half a year. Please consider leaving us an iTunes review, and tell a friend, family, or foe about our show! Thank you! Also Yubi would like to apologize for the fact half the cast sound like they recorded in a submarine. They're so very, very sorry.)


18) The Learning Chambers

July 31st, 2018

After uncovering more of Dekza's plans, the party strikes out into the unknown and down to the mysterious Learning Chambers. Though still coming to terms with their own powers, all feel the effects of a magic stronger than they've ever known and some take to it better than others. But Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex's journey through the darkness to the Heart is not going to be easy, and the party soon finds itself separated, with two racing against the clock for their lives...

See also: Glat stacking, does that upset you?, toast's clear, faith: big nut, Busted fanfic, projectile vomiting, a big sheath, and maybe you should examine the shaft.


All EDited Out Vol II

July 28th, 2018

Rising once more from the deep, dark vaults of Yubi's laptop we present a very special gift: All EDited Out Vol II. Are you ready for another round of bloopers, outtakes, goofs, wheezing laughter, and just despairingly awful raunchy innuendo?

Boy, we weren't. 



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