19) Into The Darkness

August 14th, 2018

Time is of the essence as our quartet of adventurers have their brains pushed to the limit trying to solve an insidious and deadly puzzle deep in the gloom of the Fallen City. With fortune and some smart thinking on their side, Taro, Nerium, Findex, and Natalia push deeper towards the Heart of the Learning Chambers. Finding themselves at mercy of the strange magic our brave "heroes" discover new aspects to their fellow companions, and contemplate who, or what, is moving the pieces behind the screen...

See also: wet nips, squelch, does my mage hand have a soul?, milk, blink, and revelations.

(Also, Yubi forgot to put a middle bit in this episode. Oops! They'd like to remind you of the Tumblr giveaway [www.themortalpath.tumblr.com] and the Twitter giveaway [simply tweet your favourite line from the show before Aug 31st 2018 with the hashtags #TheMortalPath and #TMPFanDice]. They'd also like to give, as always, a huge thank you to the incredibly talented Rachel Graff for her music [www.rachelgraff.com] and to Orion for his work on the transcripts available on our site [www.themortalpath.com]. A huge thank you also to our affiliate DnDiceUK [www.dndice.co.uk] where you can get 5% off with our code MORTALDICE and flat shipping rates worldwide, and of course to all the amazing listeners of our show who helped us achieve over 10,000 downloads in half a year. Please consider leaving us an iTunes review, and tell a friend, family, or foe about our show! Thank you! Also Yubi would like to apologize for the fact half the cast sound like they recorded in a submarine. They're so very, very sorry.)


18) The Learning Chambers

July 31st, 2018

After uncovering more of Dekza's plans, the party strikes out into the unknown and down to the mysterious Learning Chambers. Though still coming to terms with their own powers, all feel the effects of a magic stronger than they've ever known and some take to it better than others. But Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex's journey through the darkness to the Heart is not going to be easy, and the party soon finds itself separated, with two racing against the clock for their lives...

See also: Glat stacking, does that upset you?, toast's clear, faith: big nut, Busted fanfic, projectile vomiting, a big sheath, and maybe you should examine the shaft.


All EDited Out Vol II

July 28th, 2018

Rising once more from the deep, dark vaults of Yubi's laptop we present a very special gift: All EDited Out Vol II. Are you ready for another round of bloopers, outtakes, goofs, wheezing laughter, and just despairingly awful raunchy innuendo?

Boy, we weren't. 



17) What Came From Below

July 17th, 2018

Face to face with foe turned friend, our mighty "heroes" make some strange impressions and discover some striking similarities between themselves. But with warnings of danger and pleas for help, Taro, Natalia, Nerium, and Findex must decide whether or not to venture down to the Heart of the Learning Chambers, or leave the Fallen City before it's too late...

See also: an augmented 20, Thanos? Thigh-show? Thigel? Tyvek? Tyrone?, button 1, same hat, all this fucking magic shit, free-range teacups, and a wesert.


16) The Archocrypt

July 3rd, 2018

After awakening from their visions, dreams, and meditations our three "heroes" find themselves imbued with renewed strength and several strange gifts. Diving deeper down into the Fallen City Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex discover a way into the Archocrypt and find records of ancient creatures beneath the waves of the ocean this city has teleported from. But as Nerium discovers some new powers the party hear an odd noise from the next room, and realize perhaps they aren't alone down here after all...


See also: Bonus material, arcana team, Findex knows what a joke is, Dekza's lab, a throw-back, spell wasting, and "it's occupied".


15.3) Taro

June 29th, 2018

Taro has a vision and plays cards...


15.2) Nerium

June 26th, 2018

Nerium dreams and is granted a gift, and an awakening...


15.1) Natalia

June 22nd, 2018

Natalia meditates and is given a few new gifts...


15) Under The Altar

June 19th, 2018

Our three "heroes" pick themselves up and dust themselves off after the unpleasant encounter in the Temple of Roosa and find a few moments to catch their breath. But moments of quiet rarely last long, and Natalia, Nerium, Taro, and Findex have a lot to learn about each other...


See also: On-the-go world building, spoiling punchlines, Doone, simply fools and horses, a little bit of woo, a little bit of wah, backstory time, and meditation. 


14) In the Belly of the Beast

June 5th, 2018

After spotting movement over by the mysterious Temple of Roosa our curious party make their way out of the manor house, though the strange magic there brings forth more questions than answers. Shrouded in the eerie gloom of the 3rd Layer, Nat, Nerium, Taro, and Findex enter the temple Nerium seems to know more about than she's letting on. But things go wrong very quickly in the desecrated halls when one unlucky "hero" falls in battle...

See also: Gloomsquinter, science, buttered ferrets, the "uh-oh!" zone, roll for suspicion, well-polished worship tools, everyone screams, and the horizontal Simba.


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