79) Punts and Problems

August 25th, 2021

What? An episode the day it's meant to drop? Vilten must be in retrograde and Gudal in its ninth house of the evening! Join our fearsome three as the mind, soul, but not body melded duo of Nat and Taro take things to a truly existential level and decide to kick it, while Nerium finally gets out of bed and starts doing stuff again. But punts in the dark have strange consequences...

See also: What the fuck happened to your voice, don't take it all in, a pyramid scheme of voring, thrrrrobbing, it's all Jackal, and I didn't know Firbolgs could explode like that.

CW/TW: audio distortion, mashing up of names briefly results in one accidentally sounding close to 'pedophile', dick jokes, semi-reanimation / animated dead references, gore references, corpse and death references, mentions of the impact of death and the aftermath.]

78) Pest Control

August 11th, 2021

An episode is never late, dear listener, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to, which just happens to be tonight! If you remember what the hell's been going on, give yourself a pat on the back and a middling sized reward of your choice. In this episode, Nerium continues to sleep and weep in the face of her horrors, and Nat and Taro set about changing the very course of time, fate, and history...

See also: Stream of consciousness, Google Allergies, sand, if you come home with a pet Jackal..., High Density Unrefined Magic, and you fucked up a perfectly good Jackal!


[TW/CW: Body sharing, animalistic cannibalism concept, discussion of genetic modification]

77) Fast and Furious

June 16th, 2021

Here we are! We're back after a little break and ready to cause some serious trouble in the world of Alfallen! With a terrifying, invisible, interdimensional creature now tearing up the ghostly realm of the Sanitorium, it's up to Taro and Nat (Nerium's taking a gosh dang NAP) to sort out this mess. But the Jackal is a slippery eel thing indeed and tries every trick to escape our hapless heroes. But when it goes beyond the veil, it's going to take some innovative thinking to track it further...

See also: A lot of people have watched Narrrruto, that's fucked up man, I've not dropped that in several years, no not by the horns!, the jetpack, people always wanna talk about the horns, and I'm not sure I trust him.

TW/CW: Graphic murder, gore, body horror, eldritch / cosmic horror, eye talk, body sharing / possession.

76) Pestilence

May 12th, 2021

Yubi might be good at spinning a yarn, but they're not so good at time keeping! Never fear, our episode is here, and it's a wild one! Taro and Natalia battle with the results of Nerium's spell gone wrong, and Nerium does the only sensible thing: go to bed. But with a jackal running wild in the Sanitorium, can Nat and Taro keep the peace in Hopewell...?

See also: Fuckths'd, do a magic!, it's primal, DRAIN ME!, respect the hat pin, I rub the mud over my face, you introduced invasive species, and that was actually quite helpful.

[CW / TW: Violence, mild peril, monsters, bodily functions, depressive episode / anxiety spiral, invasive species / pest talk, mould / fungus spores talk, possession, injury.]


There's also no middle bit this week, so a huge thank you to Rachel Graff for our theme song and some other show music! You can check out her website at www.rachelgraff.com 

75) From The Depths

April 21st, 2021

We're back! We're here! We (Yubi) got SUPER BUSY and did not upload this episode in a timely manner, but here we are! Once more we delve into the trials and tribulations of Natalia, Taro, and Nerium as they cut away at the mysteries surrounding the violet drop, Rupert, and what the heck is going on around here. Nerium isn't feeling herself, Taro's conversing with knives, and Natalia's discovered the world is maybe dying...


See also: That's me now, I hate that I know what you referenced, Dogbum, is your dagger bigger or..., Lich please, and you're not gonna believe this, this is not a bit.

[TW/CW: Mentions of supernatural monsters, forced transformation, drug use innuendo, mild peril.]

74) Feast

March 17th, 2021

Here we go again! Taro and Nerium leave the prison with a spring in their step, only to find Rupert may have done a little more damage than previously anticipated. Attempts to talk only bring up more questions than they answer, and Nat searches for answers of her own out by the caves. But a series of unfortunate rolls and a slightly more awakened knife lead to a bit of a pickle at the end of the day...

See also: What does THAT mean Rupert?, Gary shut the HELL up, a lateral jiggle, kanye pepper, Mr Mungus, Frackin' Nat, and Rupert's a bit jumpy.

[TW/CW: Illness and injury, death, ethics of animal consumption.] 

73) Next Steps

March 3rd, 2021

We're here once more, offering you nowt but an 'umble episode to delight your senses with. Our intrepid trio are starting to finish up their current business in Hopewell and look to new horizons in order to finish old business. With the guards hot on the heels of the mysterious, potentially dangerous magic user, things are getting a little spicy in the lower lanes. Nat decides some practice might be in order, and Nerium and Taro visit Pelleth to discuss how to solve her problem...

See also: They can't sue me, I'll be held, you've been round the cat, wish I were pregnant, that got my uncle, it's not jumping, and the good kush.

[TW/CW: Police raids, pee talk, talk of past murders, jail visits, arson, mention of illness and supernatural creatures.]

72) Magic and Mishaps

February 17th, 2021

Hello! We're back with a brand new episode of merriment, magic, and mishaps! Nerium finishes her plan to dispose of the necklace with unusual panache, but when her powers surge she ends up in a slightly different state to how she started. Nat and Taro accompany her to the house of Dalynda to learn more about her missing sister, and some more magics sets off a perilous situation...

See also: Corolorolory, size of the utensils, oh words!, number juicy, a graveyard smash, maybe you're right about magic, and Elden John.

[TW/CW: medication mention, bodily emissions and poor hygiene mention, mild peril, mention of people turning into small dead animals.]

7) Books and Bodies [Legacy of Heroism]

January 27th, 2021

This week we're back with another episode of our Quest playthrough, where our wonderful Gary GMs us through Tenbren. Groundswell, Agnes, and Iago head to the eternal labrys for more info re: scary swords, and Agnes makes a new friend...

See also: I've never squirmed in my life, ooOOoooOo, ass of Jesus, does it indeeeeed?, from there it's just learning all the words, and you little shit!

[CW / TW: Ghosts, dead body mention.]

71) Remade Plans

January 13th, 2021

New year, old us! The Good Choices gang is back again to complete tasks in a timely and sensible manner with absolutely no fucksy-wupsies at all! Not a one! Nat bargains her way from between a rock and a hard place and sees a glimpse of an old enemy while Taro reframes his success regarding the Tundraskan relic he's definitely correctly stolen. Kitty wasn't recording for a chunk of the episode, but she joins us with a cunning, well thought-out, sensible plan to deal with their problems...

See also: Actually where exactly--, a bitless door, just like Ocean's 12, bone whistlers, I'll just press record now, a big herring paella, and Naruto Baggins.

[CW / TW: Trapped in some rock, claustrophobia, people disintegrating into dead animals, catacombs, and organised religion.]

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