1) Myth and Legend [What Is Here?]

September 9th, 2020

This week we bring you a very special first episode of a two-part special where we play Yubi's game 'What Is Here?' and definitely don't make it really weird like we usually do. Definitely not.

Join us as we shift through time and space to Qillion, original home of the Fallen City and Tan Karill, and dive back into the choppy waters of our elven friends on their watery world, asking the age old question: what is here...?

See also: Who said that!?, who has the most blood?, Birmingham, I'm all about clams, Kitty I need you to try, that's very sad, and witches.

[CW: Sexual innuendo, minor injury in deep water, minor injury to a child, alluded death of a child, natural disasters (tsunami), amputation, alluded witch burnings.]

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