5) The Icetooth Ball

January 30th, 2018

With confidence, tacky costumes, and a new fun accent Taro and Natalia face down their most terrifying enemy yet: mingling at a party. With some very interesting and unique approaches to information gathering, our dynamic duo manage to glean some information from the sinister Elden Zugai. Meanwhile back at the town hall Nerium plays detective and conducts a thorough inventory of her strange new companion's belongings. However, when a mysterious figure breaks down into unspeakable horrors and something goes very, very wrong with the final act of the evening, our three "heroes" suddenly find themselves at the heart of a much bigger problem.

See also: The Lord Mayor's Croupier, furniture recognition, Joxas Joxas Troxas, how to please a king, cryptic diaries, Taro's searching for a "mate", mouth mistakes, and two failed constitution checks.

[This episode has been transcribed!]

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