71) Remade Plans

January 13th, 2021

New year, old us! The Good Choices gang is back again to complete tasks in a timely and sensible manner with absolutely no fucksy-wupsies at all! Not a one! Nat bargains her way from between a rock and a hard place and sees a glimpse of an old enemy while Taro reframes his success regarding the Tundraskan relic he's definitely correctly stolen. Kitty wasn't recording for a chunk of the episode, but she joins us with a cunning, well thought-out, sensible plan to deal with their problems...

See also: Actually where exactly--, a bitless door, just like Ocean's 12, bone whistlers, I'll just press record now, a big herring paella, and Naruto Baggins.

[CW / TW: Trapped in some rock, claustrophobia, people disintegrating into dead animals, catacombs, and organised religion.]

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