76) Pestilence

May 12th, 2021

Yubi might be good at spinning a yarn, but they're not so good at time keeping! Never fear, our episode is here, and it's a wild one! Taro and Natalia battle with the results of Nerium's spell gone wrong, and Nerium does the only sensible thing: go to bed. But with a jackal running wild in the Sanitorium, can Nat and Taro keep the peace in Hopewell...?

See also: Fuckths'd, do a magic!, it's primal, DRAIN ME!, respect the hat pin, I rub the mud over my face, you introduced invasive species, and that was actually quite helpful.

[CW / TW: Violence, mild peril, monsters, bodily functions, depressive episode / anxiety spiral, invasive species / pest talk, mould / fungus spores talk, possession, injury.]


There's also no middle bit this week, so a huge thank you to Rachel Graff for our theme song and some other show music! You can check out her website at www.rachelgraff.com 

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