There is No Way Out of this Arena

April 24th, 2019

Join Gary and Yubi on a super special one-shot where we play the incredible 'There is No Way Out of this Area' by C. Leary! We present, for your listening pleasure, two striking tales of gladiatorial combat, spanning eons and planets. Stories become legends, but the Arena is always waiting for fresh blood...

See also: Lightweight, fuck the others, don't touch my gems, I'm fucking huge, why are you laughing at my primordial anaconda, and the Shitinous Reserve.

(You can purchase this highly recommended game here: and follow corv here:

32) Friends and Foes

April 17th, 2019

This week we dive straight into the scintillating action, making difficult decisions right off the bat as Taro is faced with some of the most important  series of choices he's ever had to make on this show. With Nerium still in the hands of Queen Euseevius, can Natalia bargain for her freedom, and strike a deal of her own with the blood-thirsty ruler of Tenbren? With our three "heroes" starting to make waves in the city, something else stirs...

See also: is there a cupboard, this is getting extremely twinky, oh hell yeah, there are not BISTROS on the Jackal Run, and Quillberry Queith.

7) Journeys and Endings - Part 3 [An Indefinite Inheritance]

April 14th, 2019

The first chapter of An Indefinite Inheritance comes to a conclusion as our party completes their journey across Alfallen. New flames ignite while others burn out, and new powers manifest themselves. 


See also: Bulge senses tingling, what’s a supervillain? Lie! AND THEN!!!! brain flatmates, let’s roll 2 cubes and find out, *SnRRRt*.

31) In the Halls of the Blessed Queen

April 2nd, 2019

Join us as we dig deeper into the workings of Tenbren, courting danger at every turn. Our three "heroes" are split across the city and some are in more peril than others. Can Taro, Natalia, and Nerium stick together, or will the politics of this city start to tear them apart...

See also: What was that?, cracking, Findex erasure, they saw you coming, purity wank, and not a boneologist.

6) Journeys and Endings - Part 2 [An Indefinite Inheritance]

March 27th, 2019

Our party’s journey through the plains of Alfallen continues as the caravan begins to come apart at the seams. Halbane visits the town of Greenfist, Bulge dispenses justice and Sigrun gains an unwanted travelling companion.

See also: Try not to get killed, Go on the Apex! The flippin’ train, pancake time, and, make up your own girlfriend.

30) Mistakes

March 23rd, 2019

Join our three merry trouble-makers as they celebrate Taro's birthday in an abandoned warehouse at midnight, like you do. But while the drinks go to their heads, Taro, Natalia, and Nerium face some tough decisions and start to delve deeper into the mysterious surrounding Tenbren and its people. And then a reckless decision is made, our three "heroes" scattering to the winds in panic, though not everyone manages to get away...

See also: Wizard Wiki, two-mug Taro, WHAT ARE WE DOING?!, Sexually Transmitted Dream, fuck off, secret friends, and Meredith Burrows?

5) Journeys and Endings - Part 1 [An Indefinite Inheritance]

March 20th, 2019

Once again we travel back to Alfallen’s prehistory to join Halbane, Sigrun, and Ludicrous Bulge on their quest to end the conflict between the lingerers of Ashpit and the village of Midlen. Bulge's plan to save the lingerers from their fate begins in earnest thanks to Halbane's desert discovery, but will everyone make it across the plains in one piece?

See also: Road trip! If I lick it will it stick? Dice pouch, Genuine Nightmare Scenarios, and We Are Never Done With The Bulge.

29) Surprise!

March 6th, 2019

Join us once more as we delve deeper into the city of Tenbren. Our three heroes are on the loose with little cash in their pockets and big plans for their evenings. But even without money Natalia, Nerium, and Taro know how to enjoy themselves and, as always, make a scene...

See also: Alien humour, there IS an exploit here, Gary's bedroom, I'm an Adult, Good Name, and... SURPRISE!

28) Welcome to Tenbren

February 20th, 2019

Welcome one and all to the city of Tenbren! Join our three plucky "heroes" as we strike out from the crumbled Fallen City and head into not only our dear Findex's home turf, but the heart of absolute law. That's not going to be a problem for our protagonists, right? With a whole city to explore and countless new NPCs to befuddle, all Taro, Nerium, and Natalia need to do is follow the rules...

See also: Hexagonical, the Iron Tang, this is a low point for your world building, ISKRA!, flips him two birds, it's all going to plan, and endless name mockery.

Season 1 Recap

February 15th, 2019

Hello and welcome to this non-exhaustive recap of the first season of The Mortal Path! As we gear up to head into Tenbren and explore the delights of our favourite lizard's home turf, take a moment to refresh yourself on what the heck happened during our first year as a podcast. Of course many delectable and delightful moments have been omitted or forgotten by yours truly, but if you need a quick reminder of What The Heck Even Happened, this one's for you.

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