69) Favours

December 16th, 2020

It's the most blessed day of the fortnight, new episode day! And what a nice day it is for a nice episode with absolutely no expectations, in which we are all perfectly behaved and nary a raunchy quip passes our lips. Like usual. Join our terrible three as they split up across the city of Hopewell to finish up some favours and call in some of their own. Nat heads back to Hafez to strike a few deals, Nerium delves back into the upper circle to the House of Morgaine, and Taro has a date with the opera...


See also: Remembering things, Clean Mind, plumage, the Ralphus Morgaine route, moon's wet, Gary you lowered the tone, and take me to the opera.


[CW / TW: Sexual innuendo, ponzi schemes / MLM mention, cursed magic items.]

68) Admissions and Admonishments

December 2nd, 2020

We're a week late due to Yubi having some pretty tough deadlines, but we're here now and we present you an episode stuffed full of mishaps, mayhem, and many, many laughs. After a successful mind-knife surgery, Nerium and Taro decide to catch a snooze, but Nat has other ideas. Despite best efforts things start to go wrong when lies are told, secrets and spilled, and certain persons are caught in compromising situations...

See also: We're not the same person, Wooz, why did I say that?!, everything is going wrong, the thing is..., heh heh, and go feed the ducks.

(Content / Trigger warnings: Being caught, mild threats, innuendo.)

67) Problem Solving

November 11th, 2020

We're here! We're a week late! Yubi got ill (again)! But they're back, they're better, they're weirder than ever as we dive into this week's episode. Our dearest darling Findex has gotten himself into a sticky situation, and a bit of sleuthing reveals what they left in the Fallen City might not have been left completely behind. Taro, Nat, and Nerium must work together to help out their friend, and definitely not accidentally harm him with their actions...

See also: The last remaining media, the prooze, a hot night, you can't say 'semen demon' on this podcast, the wizard from the coast, with your miND?, and why do we keep doing surgery.

[CW / TW: Body horror with magic, magic as a mutating and invisible thing, innuendo, magical surgery]

66) Souls and Knives

October 21st, 2020

We're here, we're back, and we're ready to cross new dimensions and ask all sorts of spooky questions! With the rescue mission complete, Taro, Nat, and Nerium are left to pick up the pieces of their evening. With a captive to interrogate, a god to question, and a hungry knife which seems to be needed, our three resident weirdos are left to create some new sense of normality. But they're not the only ones having magical mishaps...

See also: Good news and bad news, Taro can't pull out, what are you rolling?, imagine something you can't imagine, Jesus, and it's stuck.

[TW / CW: house fire, surgery and amputation talk, interrogation, body horror mention, corpses turning into rats.]

[The Kandinsky Plane.]

[Check out our two amazing affiliates (and listen to our middle bit for the special discount codes): https://thesecretcatshop.co.uk/https://dndice.co.uk/, and check out our fantastic Rachel Graff and pick up some Mortal Path music! https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/ ]

6) Legacies [Legacy of Heroism]

October 7th, 2020

We're back in Tenbren with Agnes, Groundswell, and Iago as we momentarily forget the troubles and woes of this town in order to play a carnival game! It's definitely a carnival game! It's not some sort of recruitment drive! Oops!

See also: What if a Tiefling... but better, massive bajongos, one Gary tall, how is the shaft, fuck off, and elf.ao3.org. 

[TW / CW: Dick talk. So much penis and dick talk.]

65) Rescues and Realisations

September 30th, 2020

We're back after our dive into Qillion with more wild shenanigans from our terrible trio. Our rescue mission is ongoing, and danger lurks on every layer of existence. Friends become foes, foes become friends, and Nat, Nerium, and Taro test out some new skills and powers in the dark woods around Hopewell...

See also: flying lady with a flaming sword from behind, I can't believe I'm bait, I think I have a type, a graveyard smash, and you gooped me.

[CW / TW: Show typical violence, death by fire, wills, burning buildings.]

This episode doesn't have a middle bit. A huge thank you to Rachel Graff for her fantastic music (https://rachelgraffcomposer.bandcamp.com/), to Orion and the Transcribers for their amazing work (https://themortalpath.com/transcripts/), and to all of you for listening!

2) Myth and Legend [What Is Here?]

September 16th, 2020

Here we have it, friends! The second and final part of our What Is Here? game! Come and join us as we dive back into the lives of the sea-elves on Qillion, and whatever strange forces are at work. Trees turn weird, something comes across a bridge, and we make connections like never before...

See also: I got it weeb, a literal seal?!, I remember the witches... hrk!, or even Yubi, oh I'm sorry everyone, a clamity, and the silence of the clams.

[CW / TW: Sudden disappearances, body / tree horror.]

1) Myth and Legend [What Is Here?]

September 9th, 2020

This week we bring you a very special first episode of a two-part special where we play Yubi's game 'What Is Here?' and definitely don't make it really weird like we usually do. Definitely not.

Join us as we shift through time and space to Qillion, original home of the Fallen City and Tan Karill, and dive back into the choppy waters of our elven friends on their watery world, asking the age old question: what is here...?

See also: Who said that!?, who has the most blood?, Birmingham, I'm all about clams, Kitty I need you to try, that's very sad, and witches.

[CW: Sexual innuendo, minor injury in deep water, minor injury to a child, alluded death of a child, natural disasters (tsunami), amputation, alluded witch burnings.]

64) Complications

September 2nd, 2020

Things just keep happening as our fateful three plunge deeper into the night and also plunge blades into those who really did think they had their shit together until Nat, Taro, and Nerium showed up to wreck their whole lives - and deaths. With Nerium at the mercy of the mercenaries (or the mercenaries at her mercy, perhaps...), Taro stuck in spirit-vision, and Nat kicking ass and taking no names, our "heroes" continue to dig into this mysterious group while trying to rescue their friend...

See also: Since when?!, puppy, is this a soul?, Taro's good out there, nyaa, you're probably dead, say hewwo to my little friend, and oh I get it!

[TW / CW: Threats, character restrained, stabbing, show typical violence and gore, death from a fall, ghosts]

5) A Question of Questions [Legacy of Heroism]

August 26th, 2020

We return once more to Tenbren, eager to unravel the mysteries of the blade causing havoc and distress to the poor people of the Jackal-infested city. Secrets are shared, plans are made, kwepes are had, and Iago, Groundswell, and Agnes have questions aplenty...

See also: Gripping shafts, boning, I'm not allowed cellulitis, that's the agony noise, a defensive slumber, and Wood Turner.

[CW / TW: Sexual innuendo, fantasy illness, leeches and maggots in medicine talk, illness and infection, amputation.]

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