3) Autumn Arrives [The Quiet Year]

February 4th, 2019

Summer is fleeting and autumn creeps up on us all in this episode of the Quiet Year. Tenbren takes a slightly darker turn along with the weather as two bodies of power start to battle for the right to rule while mysterious objects and persons appear and disappear. With rumbles coming from the Fire-mouth, our little city must endure, and order must be found...

See also: Academeda, like nyah, draw! the! corn!, Need for Seed, this is a diverse town, Controller Xdos, and Judge Dredge.

2) Summer In The City [The Quiet Year]

January 20th, 2019

Join us for the second episode of our game of The Quiet Year as we continue to construct Tenbren from the foundations up! With spring on its way out and the arrival of summer, we face fearsome foes, tame some beasts, and cope with more mysterious disappearances...

See also: 4chan arrives, Gary loves his troll, Larry Lavidaloca, this is silly, map troubles, his name is..., can you stop laughing at me for one minute, and Saturn Devouring His Son.

1) In The Beginning [The Quiet Year]

January 16th, 2019

Welcome one and all to our season interlude episodes! We're going to be playing 'The Quiet Year', a game written and designed by Avery Alder (@dreamaskew on Twitter). Join us as we stick our hands in the sand of the desert, and pull the city of Tenbren up out of the dunes. With strange clouds, an abundance of gurus, and mysterious objects dropped down wells, this may not be quite such a quiet year after all...

See also: Zerobren, cumulonimbus, is Danny deVito contempt?, fuck Tigrun, card reader, and the Joker of Hearts.

27) Shatter

January 1st, 2019

The battle continues in the Heart of the Learning Chambers with lives on the line left, right, and centre. Our "heroes" grow desperate, spell slots dwindle, and hit points just keep dropping as Natalia, Nerium, and Taro are pushed to the edge in our wild season finale...

See also: What else you got?, next to useless, desiccated or dapper Dekza, Gary come back, walk into the light, swallow on instinct, a bone is an object, and I'm going to kill you in your sleep.

All EDited Out Vol IV

December 29th, 2018

Surprise! Like Saint Nick clambering up from the sooty chute of the chimney, so too does this episode lurch its way towards the light from the dark depths of Yubi's laptop. With more jokes than you can shake your sack at and a lot of technical whoopsie-daisies, we hope you enjoy All EDited Out Vol IV, our humble gift to you this Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your love and support, and here's to a wonderful 2019 together!

26) Unravelling

December 19th, 2018

After having ran, bonded, and battled through their connected subconsciousness, our three "heroes" come face to face with Axen back where it all began. With Findex injured and the aftermath of Axen's eternal hunger strewn around this once great place of magic and learning, Natalia, Nerium, and Taro must save themselves, let alone their new friend, from the ravenous demon...

See also: bad therapy hour, snat, when you eat people they die, how do you like THEM lair actions, button number 2, button number 3, return of the milk, and no no no no no no!

4) Lead By The Flames [An Indefinite Inheritance]

December 8th, 2018

After a slightly tumultuous trip through the forest our ever concerning friends make it to the lingerer settlement at Ashpit, but things there are worse than they might have anticipated. Sigrun sings a song, Ludicrous comes up with a plan, and Halbane contemplates setting the whole place on fire.


See also: Lingerer picnics, bad bedtime etiquette, fire safety, getting higher in the credits, gas from the gods, original religious imagery do not steal.

25) Release

December 4th, 2018

Join Natalia, Nerium, and Taro as we (mostly) stand our ground and spill some blood on the streets of Morganfields. But there's something strange in this neighbourhood, and Axen's influence is seeping in through the cracks. With Findex's well-being at stake, can our three "heroes" battle their way back to their new friend and stop the demon's rampage before it takes another life...

See also: Shords, the finger blasters, which Danny DeVito, the what-o-matic?, editing is my passion, down into the mess, The Archers, and door number all.

24) Connections

November 20th, 2018

Once more our three "heroes" must put their heads together and find a solution to the strange situation they're in. But with various members suffering various afflictions, teamwork and trust is paramount. Time is running out, and though the connection between them and wherever Findex is is strengthening along with their friendship, Natalia, Nerium, and Taro must ready themselves for conflict...

See also: sword out, one hug is the deepest, Taro's gun, palm hearts, do they have numbers on, the sofa trap, climbing the ranks, and not a sex puzzle.

(Also we forgot to mention it ENTIRELY including in the middle bit, but they're no longer their child-selves! They're back to body normality.)

23) Nightmares

November 9th, 2018

Join our plucky and unlucky trio as they delve into the darkness of the unknown in a world that's similar but different from what they remember. Taro, Natalia, and Nerium battle to stay together and navigate their way through this nightmare scenario to find Findex, and hopefully rescue him from the clutches of Kaishu. But with time of the essence our "heroes" must face the demons from their pasts, and the literal demon in their present...

See also: Risking books, can you read?, shut the fuck up, Kitty died, clumsy hugs, a bit gammon, oh no, the prod-zone, and the power of love.

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